mPower’s expertise extends beyond the standard consulting approach of assessments and recommendations to deliver  organizational alignment between operations teams and senior leadership, enabling mission achievement.


Our team at mPower is a group of industry experts and professionals with robust experience in government management, scientific administration, financial management, informatics, technology, organizational development and strategic planning & implementation. Our Consulting areas of expertise include:

Organizational Development

mPower engages with our clients to understand the “as is” and desired “to be” states of their organizations and develop a path forward to achieve their goals. Our team partners with leadership to identify the organizational capabilities required to achieve mission success and collaborates with operational teams to develop the necessary skills and competencies to support the organization, both today and in the future. This includes the support of recruiting, onboarding, training, retaining, and growing your most important asset – talent. 

Management Consulting

We advise our clients in optimizing the alignment of their resources and people towards their organizational goals. To support this alignment, mPower delivers leadership training and coaching for managers to unify their cross-program teams and enhance performance and collaboration across the organization. In doing so, mPower provides the proven expertise desired by project teams to build the confidence that your organization is continually progressing in the right direction.

Executive Advisory Services

mPower’s executive advisory support ensures that our clients’ programs and operations succeed in meeting their objectives. We provide the executive expertise necessary to plan and execute strategies that address organizations’ most complex challenges, such as internal and external politics, public image, and succession planning.  Our team also supports executive teams to negotiate, network, and collaborate with other executives to unify stakeholders and drive shared goals forward. When your organization requires truly trusted advisors that understand what you are faced with and what is needed to overcome obstacles, mPower can help to drive your goals forward.

Enterprise ITSM

mPower’s Enterprise ITSM expertise covers the full systems development lifecycle (SDLC) from development to operations and maintenance (O&M) and ongoing end user support. Following our roots within scientific research administration, our technical services also include the support of specialized scientific software and research programs across client bases at NIH. Our core areas of IT expertise include:

Scientific Computing & Support

mPower has developed an intimate understanding of researchers’ needs through our experience administering scientific research programs. We leverage this expertise to further tailor our IT service delivery approach towards the highly complex requirements of scientific computing and IT support. Whether developing informatics capabilities or supporting the day-to-day technical operations of lab teams, mPower personnel provide the technical competence to reduce strain on investigators and drive their missions forward.

Systems Administration & Engineering

mPower follows an operations engineering framework, maintaining continuity of operations and availability while continually assessing “as is” capabilities to identify opportunities to optimize current tool investments and leverage emerging technologies. We possess expertise across multiple platforms, operating systems, and backend tech stacks to provide the breadth and depth of technical understanding that your organization requires to support your mission.

Cybersecurity Operations

Our cyber ops model “left-shifts” security into our clients’ SDLCs to maintain their cyber posture without compromising the capabilities delivered to operations and end users. We provide cyber operations as a true support function, not a hindrance to capabilities, so that end users are confident that they can conduct daily operations without exposing the organization to unexpected risks from bad actors.

Web Development

mPower provides web development services to our clients with a strict emphasis on usability and functionality for users. Whether building or maintaining public, private, or intranet sites, mPower ensures that the end user experience is at the forefront of our development and delivery of web capabilities to your organization. 

End User Support & IT Service Delivery

mPower emphasizes the end user experience and mission support in all that we do. We view the continuous operability of end users as the most critical element of IT service delivery, especially within mission-driven organizations, so we have built our delivery model around this need. Our teams employ a flexible framework with a proactive approach to continuous improvement and reducing impacts to the user base. We also understand that the standard “cookie-cutter” approaches to IT across industry simply do not work, so we tailor our approach to your organizational and mission needs to ensure that your unique needs are accommodated and addressed by our teams.